1200 W 35th Street (5th Floor), Chicago, IL 60609
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1200 W 35th Street (5th Floor), Chicago, IL 60609
1200 W 35th Street (5th Floor), Chicago, IL 60609
1200 W 35th Street (5th Floor), Chicago, IL 60609

Class Information!

Foundational Pottery Class Information

Classes are 5 weeks long and cost $190. Classes are for ages 14+. Each class is small, maximum of 12 students and all materials are included in the course cost. Each session also comes with free open studio practice time, this time is bonus practice time :)

Courses start with the very basics of working with clay and take you through the whole process of preparing clay. Throwing clay on the pottery wheel, drying your work, trimming, bisque firing and then finally a glazing your work. Start to finish, including the foundational science and safety behind working with clay.

Classes are kept small to make sure everyone is getting personalized help from the course instructor. Pottery might look easy but it's really hard and small classes help make sure each student is getting adequate and personalized help. Students who have thrown before might be ready for more technical help and first time throwers will need more time on the foundational skills. Small classes make sure everyone is getting something out of the class.

The studio uses Laguna clay bodies and we throw on Shimpo VL whisper wheels, the studio glazes are all mixed in house for stunning results in Cone 6 oxidation firings.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Centering clay and making cylinders
Week 2: Throwing on the wheel and how to wedge clay
Week 3: Throwing/Wedging development and trimming lesson
Week 4: Trimming and preparing work to bisque fire
Week 5: Preparing bisque for glaze, glaze lesson & glazing work

Refund Policy

Classes are non-refundable 3 days before the first class starts. Any refund requested before the 3 day cut off is subject to a $10 processing fee which will be deducted from your refund total. Purchased spots can be transfered to people. Any missed classes must be made up during your session.

Attendance Policy

I understand it is my responsibility to show up to class. I will not be refunded or credited for missed classes.

Make up classes are offered within the 5 week session, please talk with your instructor to coordinate make up classes.

Teaching Space and Classroom

Available Classes

Class Reviews/Testimonals

"adam!! thank you so much for an amazing class 😊 as a beginner with zero experience, it was awesome to learn from you! your instruction was easy to follow and i love how chill the classes were. not only was i able to walk away with my own pieces— i also walked away with amazing new friends! it was a pleasure to be a part of your class and i hope to take more in the future. keep doing great things, always rooting for you! 🫶🏼" - Kelzie T.
"Adam's ceramics class is a fantastic experience from start to finish. It thoroughly covers all the basics to creating your own ceramic piece, making it perfect for beginners. He paces the class very thoughtfully, ensuring that each fundamental concept is well-understood before moving on to the next step. He even covers some of the nomenclature of clay, which I enjoyed. One of the standout aspects of the class is Adam's enthusiasm and openness. He was genuinely excited to answer any questions we had, no matter how basic or advanced, creating a learning environment that's very encouraging and supportive. This class is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore or refine their skills in ceramics. Highly recommended!" - Jessica L.
1200 W 35th Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60609
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